Informatica Tasks

The below are major workflow tasks available in Informatica power center tool.
  1. Session
    It allows to select the mappings and order can be of execution can be set. Also for running mappings instructions will be captured. It is a reusable task in a workflow.
  2.  Email
    It will trigger an email notification during execution. The parameters are email username, subject, and text.
    It will be used when a job fails or any duplicate data identified.
  3.  Command
    It is used to run shell commands. To copy a file, delete, running SQL commands from an SQL file can be done from here using a shell script.
  4.  Control
    It can stop the execution of workflow in case of something went wrong or any deviation notified from decision task.
  5.  Decision
    It will notify as yes or no based on given condition, followed by positive or negative flow will be executed.
  6.  Timer
    It makes the workflow, wait for a specific time before going to next command.