Hadoop FAQ'S

1. What does commodity Hardware in Hadoop world mean? ( D )
a) Very cheap hardware
b) Industry standard hardware
c) Discarded hardware
d) Low specifications Industry grade hardware
2. Which of the following are NOT big data problem(s)? ( D)
a) Parsing 5 MB XML file every 5 minutes
b) Processing IPL tweet sentiments
c) Processing online bank transactions
d) both (a) and (c)

JMeter Interview Questions & Answers

1) Explain what is JMeter?
JMeter is a JAVA tool, which is used for performance load testing.
2) Explain how JMeter works?
JMeter acts like a group of users sending requests to a target server. It collects response from target server and other statistics which show the performance of the application or server via graphs or tables.
3) Explain where you can use functions and variables?
Variables and functions can be written into any field of any test component