Manual Testing Interview Questions & Answers-PART 9

Manual Testing Interview Questions

Q: What is performance testing?

A: Although performance testing is described as a part of system testing, it can be regarded as a distinct level of testing. Performance testing verifies loads, volumes and response times, as defined by requirements.
Q: What is load testing?

A: Load testing is testing an application under heavy loads, such as the testing of a web site under a range of loads to determine at what point the system response time will degrade or fail.

Manual Testing Interview Questions & Answers-PART 8

Software testing FAQ

Q: What is the general testing process?

A: The general testing process is the creation of a test strategy (which sometimes includes the creation of test cases), creation of a test plan/design (which usually includes test cases and test procedures) and the execution of tests.

Manual Testing Interview Questions & Answers-PART 7

Manual Testing questions and answers-PART 7

•    What if the application has functionality that wasn't in the requirements?

* It may take serious effort to determine if an application has significant unexpected or hidden functionality, and it would indicate deeper problems in the software development process. If the functionality isn't necessary to the purpose of the application, it should be removed, as it may have unknown impacts or dependencies that were not taken into account by the designer or the customer. If not removed, design information will be needed to determine added testing needs or regression testing needs. Management should be made aware of any significant added risks as a result of the unexpected functionality. If the functionality only effects areas such as minor improvements in the user interface, for example, it may not be a significant risk.

Manual Testing Interview Questions & Answers-PART6

Manual Testing Interview Questions -6

Q: How do you introduce a new software QA process?

A: It depends on the size of the organization and the risks involved. For large organizations with high-risk projects, a serious management buy-in is required and a formalized QA process is necessary. For medium size organizations with lower risk projects, management and organizational buy-in and a slower, step-by-step process is required. Generally speaking, QA processes should be balanced with productivity, in order to keep any bureaucracy from getting out of hand. For smaller groups or projects, an ad-hoc process is more appropriate. A lot depends on team leads and managers, feedback to developers and good communication is essential among customers, managers, developers, test engineers and testers. Regardless the size of the company, the greatest value for effort is in managing requirement processes, where the goal is requirements that are clear, complete and

Manual Testing Interview Questions & Answers-PART5

Testing FAQ Part-5

118. What is Use Case?
The specification of tests that are conducted from the end-user perspective. Use cases tend to focus on operating software as an end-user would conduct their day-to-day activities.
119. What is Unit Testing?
Testing of individual software components.

Manual Testing Interview Questions & Answers-PART4

Manual Testing Interview Questions part-4

92. What is Static Analysis?

Analysis of a program carried out without executing the program.
93. What is Static Analyzer?

A tool that carries out static analysis.

94. What is Static Testing?

Analysis of a program carried out without executing the program.

Manual Testing Interview Questions & Answers-PART3

Manual Testing Interview Questions Part-3

54. What is Functional Specification?

A document that describes in detail the characteristics of the product with regard to its intended features.

55. What is Functional Testing? 
Testing the features and operational behavior of a product to ensure they correspond to its specifications. Testing that ignores the internal mechanism of a system or component and focuses solely on the outputs generated in response to selected inputs and execution conditions. or Black Box Testing.

Manual Testing Interview Questions & Answers-PART2

Manual Testing Interview Question Part-2

27. What is Cause Effect Graph?

A graphical representation of inputs and the associated outputs effects which can be used to design test cases.
28. What is Code Complete?

Phase of development where functionality is implemented in entirety; bug fixes are all that are left. All functions found in the Functional Specifications have been implemented.

Manual Testing Interview Questions & Answers-PART1

Manual Testing Interview Questions & Answers-Part1

1. What is Acceptance Testing?

Testing conducted to enable a user/customer to determine whether to accept a software product. Normally performed to validate the software meets a set of agreed acceptance criteria.

2. What is Accessibility Testing?

Verifying a product is accessible to the people having disabilities (deaf, blind, mentally disabled etc.).