Usage of Developer Tools ,Firebug and Firepath

Developer Tools ,also known as Web Development tools are nothing but the browser add-Ons or built-in feature in browsers. These can be used to test the user interface of any web application.
Almost all the famous browser like Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer,Opera and safari etc. Developer tool allows user to debug and interact with web technologies like CSS, HTML and DOM etc.

Configuring Selenium With Eclipse

Downloading Selenium jars:

It will be better to call it Selenium configuration, instead of Selenium Installation. Selenium is basically a set of jars which can be downloaded from here  (this is official site for selenium).
Go to this above mentioned site, at the download page you will see a Download link with the particular language , its version and release date. Once you click on download link, a zip file will be stored in you system. Unzip it and these are selenium jars file.