ETL Tool Selection Process

Selecting a tool is an organizational level decision since it will be the base for all future data integration works. Hence huge amount of analysis and time need to be invested before selecting a tool.
Below are few factors to be considered for tool comparisons,

  1. Handling different type of sources
    The tool must have the features to select the source type as a database or flat file. Within the database, it must offer to connect different relational databases. Also within the flat file, it must have the option to select a text file, excel or XML file etc.
  2. Performance
    Performance is one of the key factors which decide the best product in the current market across all industries. The tool must offer good performance in all extraction, transformations and loading components.
  3. Usability
    The user interface and job hierarchy maintenance should be very user-friendly since cannot be afforded a tool which does not have organized properly.  Selecting different components and linking should not take additional efforts. The tool must have job execution monitor to view running status with appropriate details and log files which will make testers job easier. Job flows need to be displayed as pictorial diagrams which will make easy for a user to understand.
  4. Maintenance
    It will be accounted as part of long-term benefit since nowadays the maintenance cost is increasing equal to the development cost.
    The tool should be designed such a way that it gives requires maintenance effort.
  5. Features
    The tool must offer separate components for every transformation which would be easy for building and debugging. Also, it should have provisions to run the java code, run a package, and run shell scripts.
  6. Data quality
    The efficiency of the tool will be decided by the quality of data outcome. All the components must deliver 100% quality.
  7. Support
    The necessary support should be provided at the right time with proper resolution within the defined turnaround time. In case, of urgency on call support need to be given.
  8. Cost
    Affordability of the tool also plays a major role. The tool must offer the cost in affordable rate for the longer period.
  9. Version control
    The tool must give provision to maintain the versioning or can be integrated with version control tool to avoid rework.