Mobile Testing Interview Questions

1.        How to sign the Android Build (APK)?
2.       What are the areas to be covered in mobile device testing?
3.       Do you have hands on experience on Linux OS?
4.       What is the latest version of iOS ?
5.       Have you ever done Security Testing on Mobile Devices/Apps? What kind of Security have you performed for Android & iOS

6.       How do you clear the data or cache in Android and iOS?
7.       How to find Memory leaks in iOS?
8.       How do you find logs in iOS?
9.       What is the latest version of Android OS?
10.   Which are the different Internet protocols?
11.   While creating a build from X-Code, if by any reason the build fails, what would be probable reasons?
12.   How do you Find the UDID of the iOS devices ?
13.   What are the different types of IP’s ?
14.   How do you assign IP’s to android Devices?
15.   What is Severity and Priority ? Can you pls provide any example of High Priority but Low Severity? OR Low Severity but High Priority ?
16.   Do you know about Test Plan? What are the different sections in Test Plan?
17.   Which of the two Android OS versions you liked a lot and can you differentiate or compare their features ?
18.   Have you performed API level testing ?
19.   Which tool you were using for API level Testing?
20.   What does 403 Error?
21.   What does 502 Error ?
22.   What are the challenges in performing mobile testing?
23.   Have you ever user used Mobile Test Automation Tools? If yes please explain about them.
24.   What is your approach while Testing mobile device ?
25.   What is bug Life cycle?
26.   Which is the prominent feature introduced in iOS 7which is very important?
27.    Which is the prominent feature introduced in iOS 6?
28.   How do you save data in iOS ?
29.   How do you extract data stored in sqllite?
30. Is there any difference between mobile testing and  Desktop testing?