Hadoop Testing Tools

·        MRUnit  – Java framework that helps developers unit test Hadoop Map reduce jobs.
·        Mockito –  Java Framework, similar to MRUnit for unit testing Hadoop Map reduce jobs.
·        PigUnit – Java framework that helps developers unit test Pig Scripts.
·        HiveRunner – An Open Source unit test framework for hadoop hivequeries based on JUnit4
·        Beetest –  Unit Testing Framework for Hive Queries
·        Hive_test – Another Open source unit testing framework for Hive
·        HBaseTestingUtility – Java API for HBase Mini-cluster and we can use this along with Junit/Mockito/MRUnit frameworks to unit test Hbase Applications.
·        QuerySurge – Test tool built to automate Data Warehouse testing and the ETL Testing process. JDBC-compliant db, DWH, DMart, flat file, XML, Hadoop.

·        There are no automation tools or frameworks available for Flume, sqoop and oozie unit testing yet. These need to be tested manually.