Mobile application testing

This article very informative and important to beginner’s, before start this article Why mobile testing is necessary because of we are almost maximum people can use smart phone with internet so due to security concern Mobile application testing tutorial comes in the focus.

Testing breaks to the mobile app

There are various events that can disturb the flow of your apps. Your apps should be able to handle these and should be tested for blow mentioned points
·        Incoming Call
·        Text message
·        Other app notifications
·        Storage low
·        Battery low
·        Battery dead
·        No storage
·        Airplane mode
·        Intermittent connectivity
·        Home screen jump
·        Sleep mode

Mobile application security testing

Application Security and data privacy are important in today’s practical scenario. Users are concerned about their data and credentials being exposed through vulnerable apps.
·        Is your apps store the payment related information or Debit/credit card details?
·        Does your application always use secure network protocols?
·        Can they be switched to insecure ones?
·        Does the application requires the more permissions than it needs?
·        Does your application use security certificates?
·        Does your application use a mobile Device ID as an identifier?
·        Does your application requires a user to be authenticated before they allowed to access their data?
·        Is there a maximum number of login attempts before they are locked out?
Applications should encrypt user name and passwords when authenticating the over a network. One more thing is to route your mobile’s data through the proxy server like OWASP Zed Attack Proxy.
With the help of above security scenarios, you can increase your practical mobile application testing knowledge.

Testing In-application payment, advertisements and payment gateway integrations

Consider your application makes the in-app payment using user name and passwords, advertisements or payment gateways for e-commerce transactions, you have to test the functionality thoroughly and end to end testing to ensure that there are no break or bug in the transactions. Also you need to do testing on reference ID based on payment gateway transaction. Need testing on payment gateway integration and advertisements will need accounts to be created with the Payment Gateways and Advertisement servers before testing can begin.

Mobile application performance testing

It’s good practical testing on your application for performance and scalability bugs. With large storage capacity being available at affordable prices, it’s not uncommon for users to have large amount of data and content on their smartphone. Users even store SMS, MMS, Contacts for several years on their smartphones device. If your application has user generated content and data associated with it which can grow to huge proportions over the lifetime of the application, your testing should include these scenarios to see how the application performs.
In case the application has a server side component, you should also test the application with increasing number of users or concurrently multiple user can use same apps. While this testing can be done manually, we have tools like Little Eye and Neo Load that can help you with Performance and Load testing of your mobile application.

Mobile Application Localization and Time zone issues

If your apps support multi languages, it needs to be tested in multiple languages to ensure that there is no character encoding issue, data truncation issue or any UI issues due to varying character lengths and make sure that correct text should be displayed as per selected language. Also need to test applications to ensure that they handle multiple country time zone changes. What happens if a user travels forward across time zone and returns to user’s previous time zone? How does your app handle entries with date and time which are in sequence but not in chronological order?

Testing Social network integration

Many applications these days the ability of transfer to share a post information from one application to users’ social networking account. However most users would like to be prompted their articles before a post is published on their account. Test this whether your application handle this? Are they being allowed to share the status message being shared?

Test hardware connectivity – Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC, USB – Device recognition

Smartphones come with a plethora of connectivity options. If your application makes use of the below connectivity options (e.g File managers or photo makers and editors that let you share your file, android platform which allows you to transfer files between PC and your mobile using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth) then you should test them to ensure they perform as expected. Also you can test to see how they handle errors when the connection is lost during a transfer files and document. Generally use mechanism to share data or transact are:
·         Bluetooth
·        Wi-Fi
·        USB
·        NFC

Google Play / Apple App store integration and supported device list/restrictions

Consultants and organizations that provides the end to end services should also include test cases to ensure that the mobile app is successfully deployed to the App store and Play store and is only available to the supported devices. This could also include validation of all the text, screenshots, and version numbers etc. that are part of the app listing.