Test Environment Setup, Test Bed & Test Execution


Test Environment is a platform specially build for test case execution on the software product. 
It is created by integrating the required software and hardware along with proper network configurations.

Test environment simulates production/real time environment.

Another name of test environment is Test Bed.


  • Test cases are executed based on the test planning.
  • Status of test cases are marked, like Passed, Failed, Blocked, Run, and others.
  • Documentation of test results and log defects for failed cases is done.
  • All the blocked and failed test cases are assigned bug ids.
  • Retesting once the defects are fixed.
  • Defects are tracked till closure.

Deliverables: Provides defect and test case execution report with completed results.

Guidelines for Test Execution
  • The Build being deployed to the QA environment is the most important part of the test execution cycle.
  • Test execution is done in Quality Assurance (QA) environment.
  • Test execution happens in multiple cycles.
  • Test execution phase consists Executing the test cases + test scripts( if automation).