Best way to Search QA Jobs

Getting the first QA jobs is always difficult. It is one of the most difficult phases of the career as, at this time, QA position seeker does not have practical testing experience and are short of confidence. But by following some tips and ways to search and apply, one can land the testing QA position with more ease. 

QA Jobs Search

First of all its very good decision to start your career in software testing. Before going to do job searching for the QA jobs, three things are required which are mentioned as below:
  •        Readiness
  •      Resume
  •      Research
TIP: If you are fresher and looking for developers job, than don’t start with testing profile thinking will switch later when selected in developer profile. There is a huge difference between the tester and developer job, also don’t consider testing as an easy profile.

Readiness for QA testers job

Before you apply for software testing job as fresher for QA position, it is to important to make sure that you have basic testing knowledge because if one is going to find suitable testing QA jobs and crack the interview, brushing up of basic concepts will be required, so as to prevent self from showing black face, ultimately resulting in wastage of self-time as well as time of the recruiter.
Readiness is very important criteria to apply for a QA position. Before applying for the job, one is required to know the requirement for the job and work on it so that he/ she may be ready for the job interview. If one is fresher, it is advisable to take some QA training to understand concepts like test cases, use cases etc or work on dummy projects, so as to have the basic knowledge required for applying for a QA jobs.

Resume for QA jobs

A resume prepared should be precise, well formatted and mistake free, as resume plays very important role in QA jobs selection. There should be no spelling mistakes.
Recruiters hardly give 20-30 seconds for a resume before giving second look. So, it is quite important for the resume to be impressive at first glance. For this, it is quite important to pack lots of punches in that.
Use proper font type and font size in the resume. Skills and experience which the QA jobs seeker can justify before recruiting person should only be placed in the resume. Also, personal information which is relevant to the QA position perspective should only be placed. The QA resume should highlight the skills and experience required for the job profile.

Research for QA position

It is quite important to know how to search job and find the trend of the job requirement. Before applying for the job, it is quiet mandatory to have at least some knowledge of how to do so.
Following are some of the ways to find the SQA jobs and apply for the QA position.
  • Convenience way of searching and applying QA jobs is available on online portals are popular in India. Many jobs are or  are popular in India.
  • Many QA jobs portals such as available experience wise, location wise and skill wise. Many different job portals are available specific to some country.
  • Another way to look at job opening is through company’s website. Company website contains an opening for that company in the Career section. Job seekers can go and apply for the relevant jobs there.
  • LinkedIn is good social media website. Here one can find lots of QA jobs openings. There is job section over there. One can become a member of Software testing group there. Recruiters post their jobs in those groups.
  • If fresher, then one should look at the job placement at the campus. One can get placement from QA training institutes also, after undergoing the training and undergo QA certifications.
  • Sometimes it takes some time to get a suitable job and many people do not want to sit idle for that time and earn some money, many freelancing sites are available. Fresher can go and register in those sites, can find some suitable project and bid for them. If they get the project, they accomplish the assigned task and get paid for their work. There are many freelancing sites available online such as, etc.
  • One of the recent trends is Crowd-sourced testing. What is mean by this is that many companies do not hire the candidates directly instead, they go for third party companies which are called crowdsourced companies, which work on the project, through their testing resources. One can make a full-time career in it or work as a freelancer for some time until he/she gets a job.
  • There are many software Quality Assurance forums available online where you can go and apply for jobs.
  • Private referrals also play an important role in getting a job. Many companies prefer to take a candidate from the referral of the employee working in that company. An employee of the company can refer to job seekers, by sending the resume to HR department.
Though the candidate is required to go through the recruitment process. Even then he/she is far ahead of other candidates who even don’t get to know of the opening in that organization.
So, one should try to have contact with employees of the companies as this sometimes helps a lot in getting the job.
Besides these ways of getting QA jobs, one thing that is quite important is to build confidence in self. This can be done by attending some training or becoming an expert in the subject by self. One should remember that he/she is not competing with experienced testing professionals and be aware of some myths in software testing world. So there should be no fall of confidence even if the person has undergone testing training and is not having practical testing experience.
Smaller companies give more opportunities to QA jobs seekers with less or no experience. Generally, testing professionals start their career from small or start-up companies and join big organizations after they gain experience. So, QA jobs seekers should maintain confidence in self and with basic training and knowledge before applying for QA jobs.