How to add cookie with Selenium Webdriver

Using webdriver we can easily pass the cookie to the domain. In order to pass cookie, we should use a method named "addCookie(cookie)"
Method Name: addCookie(Cookie cookie)
Purpose: To add a specific cookie into cookies. If the cookie's domain name is left blank, it is assumed that the cookie is meant for the domain of the current document.
Parameters: cookie - The name and value of the cookie to be add.

 public void addCookie()
  driver= new FirefoxDriver();
  String URL="";
                //we should pass name and value for cookie as parameters
                // In this example we are passing, name=mycookie and value=123456789123
  Cookie name = new Cookie("mycookie", "123456789123");
                // After adding the cookie we will check that by displaying all the cookies.
  Set cookiesList =  driver.manage().getCookies();
  for(Cookie getcookies :cookiesList) {
      System.out.println(getcookies );
The output looks like below. We can see the added cookie along with the other cookies of the domain.