Selenium Frequently Asked Questions & Answers Part-7

Ques.151. What are the Open-source Frameworks supported by Selenium WebDriver?

Ques.152. What is the super interface of WebDriver?

Ques.153. What are the types of waits available in Selenium WebDriver?
In Selenium we could see three types of waits such as Implicit Waits, Explicit Waits and Fluent Waits.
Implicit Waits
Explicit Waits 
Fluent Waits 
Thread.sleep() – static wait

Ques.154. How to clear the text in the text box using Selenium WebDriver?

By using clear() method

WebDriver driver = new FirefoxDriver();
driver.findElement(By.xpath("xpath_of_element1")).sendKeys("Software Testing ");

Ques.155. How to get a text of a web element?
By using getText() method

Ques.156. How to get an attribute value using Selenium WebDriver?

By using getAttribute(value);

Ques.157. List some scenarios which we cannot automate using Selenium WebDriver?
Bitmap comparison Is not possible using Selenium WebDriver
Automating Captcha is not possible using Selenium WebDriver
We can not read bar code using Selenium WebDriver
windows OS based pop ups
third party calendars/element

Ques.158. How can you use the Recovery Scenario in Selenium WebDriver?
By using “Try Catch Block” within Selenium WebDriver Java tests.
try {
}catch(Exception e){

Ques.159. Database testing in Selenium?
We can use JDBC driver to connect to any database in Java.

Ques.160. How to schedule the Test Suite Execution?

We can schedule the test suite execution using CI tools like hudson(Jenkins), Bamboo. Alternatively, we can use windows scheduler to launch the test execution.

Ques.161. How to send an email stating the execution status to all stakeholders in Selenium?

We can send mail in Java using javax.mail library.

Ques.162. What is desired capabilities?
Capabilities are used to set the values of the browser attributes before we launch any browser using selenium web driver.

Ques.163. Version control tools like SVN, GIT?
We use version control tools like gitHub/SVN to track the changes to the files in a project and work in collaboration.

Ques.164. Build tools - Ant, Maven?
We use these tools to manage build activities for the Java project.

Ques.165. CI tools - Jenkin, Bamboo?
These are continuous integration tools helping in quick deployment of applications, testing them and reporting the issues in the code before it is too late. It helps in getting the application into production quickly and with more quality confidence.