Selenium Frequently Asked Questions & Answers Part-8

Ques.166. What is a Framework?
A framework defines a set of rules or best practices which we can follow in a systematic way to achieve the desired results. There are different types of automation frameworks and the most common ones are:
Data Driven Testing Framework
Keyword Driven Testing Framework
Hybrid Testing Framework

Ques.167. Have you created any Framework?
If you are a beginner: No, I didn’t get a chance to create a framework. I have used the framework which is already available.
If you are an experienced tester: Yes, I have created a framework.  Or I have involved in the creation of the framework.

Ques.168. Can you explain the Framework which you have used in your Selenium Project?

Here you have to clearly explained each component of Framework.

Ques.169. Why do you prefer Selenium Automation Tool?
Free and open source
Have large user base and helping communities
Cross browser compatibility
Platform compatibility
Multiple programming languages support