Types of ETL Bugs

Type of Bugs
User interface bugs/cosmetic bugs
·          Related to GUI of application
·          Font style, font size, colors, alignment, spelling mistakes, navigation and so on
Boundary Value Analysis (BVA) related bug
·         Minimum and maximum values
Equivalence Class Partitioning (ECP) related bug
·          Valid and invalid type
Input/Output bugs
·         Valid values not accepted
·          Invalid values accepted
Calculation bugs
·         Mathematical errors
·         Final output is wrong
Load Condition bugs
·         Does not allows multiple users
·         Does not allows customer expected load
Race Condition bugs
·         System crash & hang
·         System cannot run client platforms
Version control bugs
·         No logo matching
·          No version information available
·         This occurs usually in regression testing
H/W bugs
·         Device is not responding to the application
Help Source bugs
·         Mistakes in help documents