GUI Testing Check List

GUI Testing Check List

This GUI test checklist can ensure that all the GUI components are thoroughly tested.
GUI Objects:

Window, Dialog Box, Push Button, Radio Button, Radio Group, Tool bar,Edit Box, Text Box, Check Box, List Box, Drop down Box, Combo Box, Tab, Tree view, progress bar, Table,Scroll bar, Spin Etc...
Windows Compliance Standards

These compliance standards are followed by almost all the windows based application. Any variance from these standards can result into inconvenience to the user. This compliance must be followed for every application. These compliances can be categorized according to following criteria
i. Compliance for each Application

a. Application should be started by double clicking on the icon.

b. Loading message should have information about application name, version number, icon etc.

c. Main window of application should have same caption as the icon in the program manager.

d. Closing of the application should result in "Are you sure?" message.

e. Behaviour for starting application more than once must be specified.

f. Try to start application while it is loading

g. On every application, if application is busy it should show hour glass or some other mechanism to notify user that it is processing.

h. Normally F1 button is used for help. If your product has help integrated, it should come by pressing F1 button.