Roadmap to become automation tester?

Learn a programming language: Automation testing requires knowledge of a programming language. You can start with any programming language like Java, Python, or JavaScript.

Learn test automation tools: You need to learn test automation tools like Selenium, Appium, JMeter, and others, depending on the type of application you are testing.

Learn test management tools: You need to learn test management tools like Jira, TestRail, and others to manage your test cases, test runs, and defects.

Learn API testing: You need to learn API testing using tools like Postman, RestAssured, and others.

Learn database testing: You need to learn database testing using SQL queries and tools like DBeaver.

Learn performance testing: You need to learn performance testing using tools like JMeter, Gatling, and others.

Learn mobile testing: You need to learn mobile testing using tools like Appium, Espresso, and others.

Learn continuous integration and continuous delivery: You need to learn CI/CD using tools like Jenkins, Git, and others to automate your testing process.

Practice and implement: You need to practice and implement what you have learned to gain hands-on experience and become proficient in automation testing.

Stay up-to-date: You need to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in automation testing to improve your skills and stay competitive in the industry. Attend conferences, read blogs, and follow industry experts to stay updated.