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ETL tools in data warehouse

There are multiple tools available in the market for ETL process. Tools are developed with different technologies and offering more features for a smooth end to end data integration. Here are few ETL tools,

  1. Informatica Power center
    One of the major tool in worldwide. Majorly this tool is using for ETL, data masking, and data quality.It has four major components,
    1. Repository manager – to add repository and managing folders
    2. Designer – creating mappings
    3. Workflow manager – creating workflow with task and mappings
    4. Workflow monitor – workflow run status tracker

  2. Talend Open Studio
    One of the open source tool for data integration (ETL) which has been developed in JAVA. Widely this tool is used for ETL, Data migration, and big data.
  3. IBM Datastage
    It has four major components,
    • Manager – to manage the repository
    • Designer – developing job
    • Director – job scheduling, job running, and monitoring
    • Administrator – creating users and managing projects/folders

  4. SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)
    SQL server offers this tool for data integration with wide features of extract, transform and load.
  5. Ab-initio
  6. Oracle Data Integrator
  7. SAS – Data Integration Studio
  8. Business Object Data Integrator
  9. Clover ETL
  10. Pentaho Data Integration
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