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1)      What is the automation framework you are using for your application
2)      What is the use of framework
3)      Did you involve in framework development
4)      Explain your framework

5)      How do you manage and send test data to application in your framework
6)      How do you manage and load your function libraries
7)      How do you handle runtime error in your script
8)      How do you implement synchronization in your framework
9)      Did you use regular expression in your project, please explain the scenario
10)  How do you use descriptive programming
11)  How do you manage shared object repository
12)  How do you execute your automation scripts
13)  How do you manage your test results
14)  How do you debug script if it is failed
15)  How do you handle duplicate objects on a page
16)  How do you handle dynamic objects
17)  Have you involved in automation POC
18)  What are the challenges you faced in while automating your application
19)  Lessons learnt in automation testing
20)  What do you do you do if object not identified by QTP
21)  What do you do you when changes happened in application existing functionality
22)  Ways of getting data from Excel files
23)  Write a code for any simple scenario using your framework
24)  What is the difference between Associate Library File in settings, ExecuteFile and LoadFunctionLibraries in QTP
25)  How do you verify text displayed on page
26)  How do you get output data from application
27)  Difference between ChildObjects and ChildItem
28)  Explain WebTable methods
29)  Difference between OR and Descriptive programming
30)  How do you close all opened browsers
Additional Questions for Seniors/Leads
31)  How do you start automation for any application
32)  How do you choose automation tool for your application
33)  How do you choose test cases for automation
34)  How do you prepare automation Estimations
35)  How do you choose framework for your application
36)  Did you do POC
37)  What is automation test strategy
38)  What do you do if a team member is on PTO but you have urgent deliverables
39)  Your client is asking you to reduce the regression window, what do you do
40)  What is the automation coverage for your application

VBScript Advanced Questions

1)      Write a program to read data from a text file
2)      Write a program to write data into a text file
3)      Write a program to print all lines that contains a word either “testing” or “qtp
4)      Write a program to display all files containing “demo” in their name
5)      Write a program to print all lines in a file that ends with “world”
6)      Write a program to check whether string starts with “Error”
7)      Write a program to Replace all words that contains “demo” in a file with the word “QTP
8)      Write a program to check whether a string contains only alpha numeric’s
9)      Write a program to check whether given string is in date format
10)  Write a program to print all the lines ending with '$'
11)  Check whether middle three characters in a word contains alphanumeric
12)  Write a program to print the current folder name
13)  Write a program to print files in a given folder
14)  Write a program to print subfolders in a given folder
15)  Write a program to display files of a specific type
16)  Write a program to Retrieve all the rows in a table
17)  Write a program to find the name of columns in a table
18)  Write a program to find number of rows in each column
19)  Write a program to connect and print data from SQL Server database
20)  Write a program to retrieve specific field from the database table
21)  Write a program to open the two record sets
22)  Write a program to update the specific field in the database table
23)  Write a program to find number of rows in a table
24)  Write a program to send an email using outlook
25)  Write a program to print data present in all sheets of an excel files

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