Online Payments Domain Knowledge

Payment Gateway Testing
A payment gate-way system is an e-commerce application service that approves credit card payment for online purchases. Payment gateways safeguard the credit card details by encrypting sensitive information like credit card numbers, account holder details and so on. This information is passed safely between the customer and the merchant and vice versa.
Modern payment gateways also securely approve payments via debit cards, electronic bank transfers, cash cards, reward points etc.
Types of Payment Gateway System
·        Hosted Payment Gateway:
Hosted payment gateway system direct customer away from e-commerce site to gateway link during payment process. Once the payment is done, it will bring customer back to e-commerce site. For such type of payment you don't need merchant id, example of hosted payment gateway are PayPal, Noche and WorldPay.
·        Shared Payment Gateway:
In shared payment gateway, while processing payment customer is directed to payment page and stays on the e-commerce site. Once the payment detail is filled, the payment process proceeds. Since it does not leave the e-commerce site while processing payment, this mode is easy and more preferable, example of shared payment gateway is eWay, Stripe.
Testing Types for Payment Gateway System
Testing for Payment Gateway should include
Functional Testing: It is the act of testing base functionality of the payment gateway. It is to verify whether the application behaves in same way as it is supposed to be like handling orders, calculation, addition of VAT as per the country etc.
Integration: Test integration with your credit card service.
Performance: Identify various performance metrics like highest possible number of users coming through gateways during specific day and converting them to concurrent users
Security: You need to perform a deep security pass for Payment Gateway.
Test Preparation for Testing Payment Gateway
Before you begin testing -
·        Collect proper test data for the dummy credit card number for maestro, visa, master etc.
·        Collect payment gateway information like Google wallet, Paypal or else
·        Collect payment gateway document with error codes
·        Understand the session and parameters passed through application and payment gateway
·        Understand and test the amount related information passed through query string or variable or session
·        Along with payment gateway language check the language of the application
·        Under the various settings of payment gateway like currency format, subscriber data collected.
Sample Test Cases for Payment Gateway Testing

Test Cases
During the payment process try to change the payment gateway language
After successful payment, test all the necessary components, whether it is retrieved or not
Check what happens if payment gateway stops responding during payment
During the payment process check what happens if session ends
During the payment process check what happens in back end
Check what happens if payment process fails
Check the Data-base entries whether they store credit card details or not
During payment process check error pages and security pages
Check settings of pop-up blocker, and see what happens if pop up blocker is on and off
Between payment gateway and application check buffer pages
Check on successful payment, a success code is send to the application and a confirmation page is show to the user
Verify whether the transaction processes immediately or processing is hand to your bank
After successful transaction check if the payment gateway returns to your application
Check all format and messages when successful payment process
Unless you don't have an authorization receipt from payment gateway, good should not be shipped
Inform the owner for any transaction processed through e-mail. Encrypt the content of the mail
Check the amount format with currency format
Check if each of the payment options are selectable
Check if each listed payment option opens the respective payment option according to specification
Verify whether the payment gateway defaults to the desired debit/credit card option
Verify the default option for debit card shows card selection drop down menu
Things to consider before Buying Gateway Package
·        If you have bought a shopping cart package, find out about its compatibility
·        If shopping gateway package is due, ask the payment gateway provider for a list of supported applications
·        The gateway must offer Address Verification System Protection
·        Find out the types of transaction protection being offered
·        Check what types of debit or credit cards are accepted by your chosen payment gateway
·        Check the transaction fees levied by payment gateway

·        Check whether the gateways collect the payment right on the form or direct to another page to complete the purchase.