High Seviority-Low Priority & Low Seviority and High Priority

Severity: Means impact on the application..,

Priority: Means Importance in terms of both application and client

High severity and low priority.
When the application has critical problem and it has to be solved after a month then we can say it as high severity and low priority.

low severity and high priority
When the application has trivial problem ie (less affected) and it has to be solved within a day then we can say it as low seviority and high priority

Requirement: Assume that Login page consists of User Name and Password.Crietria is that the Password as to expire in every 30 days and new password has to be assigned.and old one should no longer exist.

For High Severity and low Priority
Application accpets the New password after very expiry of 30 days..Now the Application still accpets the Old password and the new password for the same account.
Hence this High severity and Low priority .Since the deviates the criteria ie Old password still works.

For High Priority and low Severity
Application behaves such that it doesn’t allow to change every 30 dyas.It still works with same old password.
hence deviates from the clients requirements and doesn’t affect the application hence it is termed as High Priority and low severity