Machine Learning vs. AI ( Artificial Intelligence)

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are the two things which are taking the whole technology segment of the newspapers these days, and people are seen to be making a great confusion between these two very different ideas. They are not the same thing, but the minor link between the two concepts is bringing this great confusion in the minds of the people. So we are writing this small article to make you understand the difference between the two technological ideas in a very simple and easy language. These two words come up when there is the idea of Big Data and analytics involved, and technology is seen to bring change throughout the world. In short if we have to describe the two terms; Artificial Intelligence is something by which a machine is able to perform some operations which we consider as a smart function whereas in the case Machine Learning, the machine is given the access to learning things automatically, without any kind of feed from humans, and do operations completely on its own.

Early Days

We have been surrounded by Artificial Intelligence for quite a long time now. In Greek mythology, there have been some stories where there are mechanical men who used to copy the human behavior. Earlier European computers are seen as logical machines by the engineers because the computers could do basic arithmetic and store things in its memory. With the growth of technology and with our knowledge of how our minds work, the concept of artificial intelligence has also changed. Artificial intelligence has evolved itself from just doing mathematical calculations and mimicking human behavior to doing things exactly like a human. Devices with artificial intelligence have been put into two categories, one is the applied category, and the other is a general category. Applied artificial intelligence is more common in the business, we have seen devices designed to understand and trade stocks and shares, and autopilot feature also falls under this category. And the artificial intelligence in the general category is less common, and in theory, it is showing that it can literally handle any kind of task. And this is where the research and advancement are happening these days. Machine learning has come up depending on this general artificial intelligence concept. It is also called the subset of artificial intelligence, and this is the current status of the art of technology where the work is going on.

The advent of Machine Learning

The things which led to the development of machine learning and to carry on the concept of artificial intelligence further with the speed by which it was growing are - the realisation by Arthur Samuel in 1959 that it would be better to teach the computers to learn things by itself rather than just feeding each and every thing in the chip of the computers. And the other one is - the need of internet and the huge amount of data that has to be made available on the internet. If the machines can learn things by itself, it will automatically make information available for people without waiting for the humans to upload the information on the internet. Engineers found it more easy to teach the computers to learn things by itself and make the data available on the internet rather than uploading data on the internet by ourselves which is a slow and lengthy process. 

Neural Networks

The application of Neural Network is the key here to execute the whole process of machine learning. Neural Networks will help the computers to think, understand and do things just like a human being but with their own innate advantages of speed, accuracy and unbiased nature. The neural network is a system which is designed in such a way that it becomes easier to classify things like how human brains are capable of doing. This system will help the computers to read an image and classify each and every thing present in the image. The whole system works on the basis of probability. Based on the data fed to the machine, the machine can give out statements, predictions, and decisions with a certain amount of surety. The system also has a feedback loop which helps in learning. It can sense and tell the machine whether the decision is right or wrong and helps the machine to modify the decisions it will be taking in the future. Machine learning allows the computer to read the text and also judge whether the text is a complaint or a compliment. Machine learning will also help the computers to listen to music and say whether the music is in a happy context or a sad context, and it can also search for some more music which has the same mood. It can even compose a different music based on the same theme and with the same words used in the music which it has just listened.

Capabilities of this concept

There are no limitations to the possibilities of a system which is based on machine learning and neural networks. The idea has emerged now to a point where you can communicate with your computer just like you communicate to a human being in front of you. The Natural Language Processing is another part of Artificial Intelligence which has come up to the surface just to make the communication between a human being and a computer completely natural and easy flowing. There are many NLP applications available, which helps the computers to understand the words written or spoken by human beings, and reply the human being with a suitable answer with the help of the natural language. Machine learning will help the computers to understand the subtle differences in the dialect which are seen from individual to individual and give a reply to it, which the listener can comprehend to. Artificial intelligence and recently the machine learning has a lot of things to offer. The promise of doing the everyday things automatically and with some creativity, industries like banking, healthcare, and manufacturing are reaping the facilities it is providing.


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