Usability Testing Tools

Every software application is built to serve a purpose. The sole reason behind developing an application is that a user base would be benefitted by it. So even though the client requirements dictate how the application should look and function, the user requirements and feedbacks dictate what changes need to be made or incorporated to further fine-tune the application. This is where usability testing comes into the picture. With the help of various usability testing tools, testers or product owners can requests users from different age groups or target audience to complete some task using the application. Their interaction with the application and the steps taken to complete the task is closely monitored using the usability testing tools so that the team can find out which application module or UI layout needs improvement. In this post, we would mention top 18 usability testing tools and what distinct features they have to offer.

Usability Testing Tools

Crazy Egg

With Crazy Egg, you can track down different usability issues that might persist in your web application and also find out the reason why visitors are leaving your website. With the Heatmap feature, you can find out where each and every visitor clicks on your website, thus pointing out the most popular area in your webpage. The Scrollmap shows how far every visitor scroll, while the Overlay feature tracks the number of mouse clicks received by different web elements. It comes with a 30-day free trial and you can continue using it with a minimal price of $9 per month.


ClickHeat is an open-source tool by LabsMedia. This tool gathers real data from users over time and creates a heat map which shows the hot and cold areas of the website. By this analysis, you can find out the most click about web element and the areas if the website which is easily noticeable by the audience. It even allows you to group same pages using keywords and defines specific ones where javaScript is loaded and even track your website’s CSS layout.


Loop 11 is one of the free usability testing tools, which allows you to remotely test your website’s usability. While using this tool, you need to install any package on your website, also there is no need to write a single line of code. All usability related data are displayed in detailed charts and tables which show the popular areas of the website and the time is taken by users to complete a task. It is easy to use and provides real-time data for your website.


Optimizely is a well-known user-friendly A/ B testing tool. Using this tool you can track the user visits and also get reports regarding successful conversions. Apart from usability, this tool can serve a lot many purposes. It can be used for Mobile website testing, Cross-browser testing, Visitor segmentation, Geotargeting and Multivariate testing. The basic plan of Optimizely is free but some features are only available in the paid enterprise plan.

Five Second Test

Five Second Test is a classic tool from UsabilityHub. This tool is used to gather the first impression of users. All you need to do is upload web page screenshots or mockups of every web page. Once these screenshots are uploaded, you can ask different questions about these pages. Each tester gets 5 seconds to look at these web pages before answering the questions. You can either opt for a paid subscription to use Five Second Test or test web pages of other people, in order for others to verify your website.


Using Qualaroo you can ask visitors different questions regarding your website. You can fabricate questions for visitors which can help you track down the reasons why you are losing visitors or are unable to convert traffic. It even allows you to create tailored follow-up question so that you get authentic responses from the visitors. You can even integrate Qualaroo with Salesforce and Marketo. It is a paid tool, but you can opt for a 14-day trial version as well.


Gtmetrix allows you to monitor the performance and health of your web pages. It checks your page for slowness and alerts you if the time taken to load goes beyond a certain threshold. You can even configure GTMetrix to test your page from different regions, and test for any script or CSS related anomalies. It is very easy to use and at the end of each test, it also provides a detailed report regarding the page specific performance of your website’s pages.


With the help of ChalkMark, you can verify UI prototypes, application layouts, and site navigations. You can even share the screenshots of various screens and ask users to share their reviews. This actually provides you quality feedback regarding users’ response to your website. Apart from this, you can even track with the help of heat map the areas and web elements when the user clicks the most, and how they navigate between pages. ChalkMark allows you to explicitly specify the web elements where you want to track users’ mouse clicks.


It is a paid tool which can be used to track users’ keystrokes, mouse movements, and clicks and the time taken to navigate from one page to the next. Using these data, a heat map is prepared to display the areas which were mostly used by the users. At the end of the analysis, all heat map reports along with site navigation data are properly displayed in a report for further analysis. ClickTake provides complete feedback related to aesthetics of the website which can be later used by developers to improve the site’s existing design.


UserTesting allows you to upload different panels of your websites which are in turn used and tested by users. While going through these panels users can post their reviews suggestions and what they feel about the web-panel, in written summary or upload a flash video of their walkthrough. The team can use these reviews to make changes. One problem with this tool is you won’t be able to ask follow-up questions to the users testing the website.


Usabilla is a non-moderated remote usability testing tool. It is very easy to set up and provides you information regarding how the website is used by different users. It tracks different mouse events and creates a detailed heat-map taking into consideration the mouse’s movement, click and hover patterns. It also keeps tab of keystrokes and presents all its analysis in a detailed report which is easy to read and use for making future advancements. You can extract the reports in various formats but won’t be able to send follow-up questions to the users testing the application.


Morae is another usability testing tool made primarily for Windows Operating Systems. Morae is another usability testing tool made primarily for Windows Operating Systems. Morae provides you 2 different modules. Using observer modules, users can perform different actions, while the manager module can be used to analyze usability tests. It tracks different mouse actions and also records keystrokes to provide detailed page-level analysis consisting of heat maps and even user recordings containing feedbacks and suggestions. The only disadvantages of Morae are, it is not available for MAC operating systems and it is pretty expensive.


It is an affordable service for remotely testing your web application for usability issues. Using UserFeel, you can get crucial feedback from the different user. It even allows you to test your application from non – English speaking users. This tool closely monitors every user reaction and provides detailed report consisting of the number of clicks, keystrokes and specifying the areas of the application which are often used by users. You can even avail recordings of users themselves to know how they exactly feel about the design and web site functionalities. It is an affordable service and easy to use.


Using TryMyUi, you can create custom usability tests for your users. You can perform usability testing of the web as well as mobile applications. First, you need to set up your tests, which would consist of the different questions that you want to ask and the list of corresponding pages. Then you can view the analysis of the interactions of the users on the pages and view feedback videos to get an actual understanding of their interactions and underlying reason. Some usability testing tools provides a free trial like this one while allowing you to choose from different customizable paid packages.

Silverback 3

Silverback 3 is a guerrilla usability testing tool for Mac. Just like other usability testing tools, you can view the recordings of users to get an idea of the perception of the different users. Silverback adds the ability to highlight portions of the video feedback recordings so that you can quickly trace the most valuable feedback from the users. You can even analyze the user actions of different users and export them in formats of your choice. It is very easy to use and you can start to perform usability testing within seconds.


iPerception provides real-time  Usability test reports. It allows you to carry out usability testing with multiple design templates and for applications of different languages. To ensure that your application remains secure and protected at all times SSL encryption is provided while conducting the tests. Apart from detailed analysis regarding different user actions, an additional Feedback Score is also provided to rate the application and let you decide how well your application performed.

What Users Do

It is an online user research platform which allows you to get your website, designs, prototype and mobile apps get reviewed by users. Once reviewed, you get a video recording of the user interacting with your product. The recording clearly describes all the steps the user followed while interacting with your product and states the reason behind their actions. This provides valuable feedback regarding how your product will be perceived by the masses.


Usability testing tools is a very robust suite which provides you a number of different useful usability testing tools to work with. Using the UX Suite you can track the mouse movements, clicks and key entries of the user to understand the UX better. The Conversion suite helps optimize the website in case of higher conversions. It even provides a feedback from so that the users can provide their feedback or answer any questionnaire present.


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