Tableau - Real Time Scenario 3 (Removing Subtotals for unwanted columns)

Problem: When we add subtotals by default it will add subtotals for each dimension in cross tab report.

Lets take sample superstore dataset. I made one cross tab report with following columns in same order.

Region, Category, Department, Container, Consumer Segment and Sales.

After adding subtotals report look like this:

In above report I don't want totals for Category and Region.

How to remove subtotals for unwanted columns?


Step 1: Build cross tab report using following columns.

Drag Region, Category, Department, Container, Consumer Segment Columns to row shelf. Drag sales column to text Self.

Step 2: Add Subtotals to report. Go to Analysis tab, select Totals and click on Add All Subtotals

Now the report looks like this:

Step 3: Right click on Region column which is there in row shelf to remove subtotals. By default it is selected, Click on Subtotals to remove subtotals.
Step 4: Repeat step 3 for Category column to remove subtotal.

After removing subtotals for Region and Category the report looks like this:

See the report below: