SAP HANA Interview Questions and Answers-2

Question.1  What is the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud?
Answer:  The SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud offering is a comprehensive cloud infrastructure combined with managed services. Customers can now run their SAP HANA applications, including SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA and SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse powered by SAP HANA, in a managed cloud environment. It delivers the power of real-time in-memory technology with cloud simplicity. SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud is a fully scalable, enterprise-ready, mission critical, secure, and high availability cloud offering with a full-managed services approach. The company’s flagship SAP HANA platform is at the heart of this offering. Customers will be able to accelerate their innovation cycles by relying on SAP and certified SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud partners.

Question.2  How is this related to the Petabyte Farm?
Answer:  SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud is the commercial name for the Petabyte Farm. In addition to the infrastructure, which is the world largest cluster of in-memory servers, SAP has innovated on deployment flexibility (“cloud frame technology”) and managed services to assess, onboard, and run customers with high performance.
Question.3  Why has SAP announced SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud?
Answer:  SAP is committed to establishing SAP HANA as the de facto modern data platform in the market. Our intent is to help accelerate adoption of SAP HANA through an open ecosystem strategy. The SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud offering will help customers reduce the lead time and distractions typically encountered waiting for hardware, hiring specialized skills for migrations and operations, and building solid deployment plans.
Question.4  I have heard about SAP HANA One, SAP HANA in the cloud. Is this the same as SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud?
Answer: No, SAP HANA One is a database as a service in the cloud. It is a fully featured, small instance of the SAP HANA platform in the public cloud, available for productive and commercial use. It provides 60.5 GB of memory and is ideal data platform supporting cloud-based ad-hoc BI or other applications that are designed to run in the cloud. The primary purpose of SAP HANA One running on Amazon Web Services is to provide a turnkey way for developers to inexpensively run use cases of SAP HANA. SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, on the other hand has no limitations, and provides more technologies to extend and integrate solutions. Also the SAP HANA One offering has community support only, while SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud comes with standard or enterprise support and additional managed services to smoothly run your landscape.
Question.5  Are any SAP HANA applications being offered alongside SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud?
Answer: The focus of SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud is SAP Business Suite and SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (SAP NetWeaver BW) powered by SAP HANA, and other selected partner and custom SAP HANA based applications. We are currently exploring the addition of “Extreme Applications” to the portfolio. Over time, more SAP and partner solutions will be either running on the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud or partner-hosted offerings leveraging the cloud platform capabilities of the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud. All applications on SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud will run primarily on SAP HANA. Other databases in conjunction with SAP HANA are welcome.
Question.6  Can I use SAP Consulting for a SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud?
Answer:  Yes, SAP Consulting or any certified SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud partner can help customers with many different types of services, including assessment and migration of customer’s applications and data to the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud. A customer can have SAP Consulting build applications on SAP HANA through a separate contract, just as they can with any external consulting company.
Question.7  Can I use any system integrator for a SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud implementation?
Answer:  Our intent is that our ecosystem of certified SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud partners will provide migration, implementation, and other services. More details will be shared at SAPPHIRE Now in Orlando.
Question.8  How does this relate to other SAP cloud offerings, Ariba and Crossgate offerings?
Answer:  Cloud solutions from SAP come in different categories. SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud is for running mission critical applications like SAP Business Suite in a dedicated way for enterprise customers. We also have cloud line of business applications that are multi-tenant, a cloud business network with Ariba (including Crossgate), and cloud-based social collaboration with SAP Jam. Each of these provides solutions to different business challenges.
Question.9  How can I get started?
Answer:   The best way to find out more information today is to visit www.saphana.com/cloud. You can get started today by contacting your SAP account representative or certified SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud partner.
Question.10 Is SAP getting back into the hosting business?
Answer: A few years back SAP said that hosting was a partner’s domain and many invested in that business. SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud is not a generic hosting offering, but allows enterprise customers an option to accelerate their SAP HANA, SAP Business Suite, and SAP NetWeaver BW powered by HANA deployments; certified partners are encouraged to provide their own SAP HANA based offerings to customers.
Question.11  How does this announcement of SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud relate to our offering called “SAP HANA Cloud” (which was announced at TechEd last October)?
Answer: SAP HANA Cloud Platform announced last TechEd is a component of the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud. In fact, SAP HANA Cloud Platform is our platform across all cloud offerings.
Question.12  What applications are being offered today in the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud?
Answer: SAP HANA as database, SAP Business Suite (in particular SAP ERP and SAP CRM powered by SAP HANA), SAP NetWeaver BW powered by SAP HANA, and custom SAP HANA applications. We are currently conducting a detailed assessment of the additional applications that may be offered from ISVs. Until the results of this assessment are completed, SAP will make decision on a case-by-case basis.
Question.13  Is there a country or region limitation?
Answer: There are no limitations beyond local regulations that your company must adhere to. In Wave 1, the offering will be in English and we’ll have data centers in North America and Europe only. In subsequent waves, additional data centers will come online, as will more languages.
Question.14  How many data centers will there be around the world? Where will they be?
Answer: At start SAP will dedicate data centers located in U.S. – East Coast, West Coast, and Germany. We plan to quickly expand the number of data centers as our certified partner ecosystem scales. SAP will certainly share more details, as we understand customers will want or need more details. These will be done on a case-by-case basis depending on the customer need.
Question.15  Can any other databases be hosted?
Answer:  The focus of SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud is SAP HANA as database. SAP Sybase ASE may be required for certain scenarios (same as in SAP HANA Cloud). SAP NetWeaver BW customers may need SAP Sybase IQ for nearline storage. Customers with at least one SAP HANA component will be considered, and decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis.
Question.16   Will productive instances be dedicated?
Answer: Yes, single customer productive systems are dedicated. Application servers are virtual, databases are dedicated.
Question.17   Is this a public or private cloud?
Answer: SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud is a Virtual Private Cloud. It’s not public, as it is for dedicated applications and customers. It’s virtual, as it is not within customer data centers. Due to the complexity of definitions, we recommend using enterprise cloud.
Question.18   If SAP is providing hosted SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA, does this mean SAP is no longer focused on SAP Business ByDesign?
Answer: SAP Business ByDesign addresses a very different market segment. SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud is focused on large enterprise customers with mission-critical needs.
Question.19  What type of customer targets (size, LOB, industry) is SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud aimed at? How can we position SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud and SAP HANA on premise side by side?
Answer: SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud is targeted to enterprise customers across all industries. SAP HANA on premise and SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud are about choice. Hybrid scenarios allow customers to choose both the timing and extent of cloud deployment.