Object Repository in UFT

What is Object Repository?

It is a storage place for Test objects (and other Objects)
What is Test Object?

Reference of Run-time Object
Types of Object Repositories:

Two types of object Repositories in UFT.

a)  Local Object Repository
(It is an Internal File)

UFT creates a Local Repository for every Action during Recording, UFT maintains Local Object Repositories. Local Object Repositories are saved along with the Test Script.

User can edit Local Objects (Add/Rename/delete)

Launch Local Object Repository

Resources Menu -> Object Repository
b) Shared Object Repository (External file, File extension .tsr)

User creates Shared Object Repositories either by Adding objects or by exporting local objects.

Shared Object Repositories are external files, user has to maintain these files. User (Tester) can edit Shared Objects.
Operations on Object Repository

a)  Add Objects (Local, Shared)

b)  Rename Objects (Local, Shared)

c)  Delete Objects (Local, Shared)

d) Export Local Objects

e) Associate Shared Object Repositories

f) Load Shared Object Repositories at run-time

g) Merge Shared Object Repositories

h) Map Objects in between Object Repository and AUT (Application Under Test)

i) Export Test Objects to XML / Import from XML

j) Define New Test Objects

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