UFT- Working With XML

What is an XML?

XML is a markup language designed for how to store data that is in the form that both human and machine readable format. Using XML, data can also be easily exchanged between computer and database systems.
Sample XML and their key elements are represented below:
Working with XML

Accessing XML

Const XMLDataFile = "C:\TestData.xml"
Set xmlDoc = CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLDOM")
xmlDoc.Async = False
' Getting the number of Nodes (books)
Set nodes = xmlDoc.SelectNodes("/bookstore/book")
Print "Total books: " & nodes.Length    ' Displays 2

' get all titles
Set nodes = xmlDoc.SelectNodes("/Booklib/book/value/text()")

' get their valuesFor i = 0 To (nodes.Length - 1)
    Title = nodes(i).NodeValue
    Print "Title is" & (i + 1) & ": " & Title

Comparing XML

We can compare Two given xml's.
Dim xmlDoc1Dim xmlDoc2
' Load the XML Files
Set xmlDoc1 = XMLUtil.CreateXMLFromFile ("C:\File1.xml")
Set xmlDoc2 = XMLUtil.CreateXMLFromFile ("C:\File2.xml")

'Use the compare method of the XML to check if they are equivalentComp = xmlDoc1.Compare (xmlDoc1, xmlDoc2)
'Returns 1 if the two files are the same
If Comp = 1 Then
   Msgbox "XML Files are the Same"
   Msgbox "XML Files are Different"
End if

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