UFT - User Defined Objects

User Defined Objects

Sometimes, All Objects are NOT recognizable by UFT if in case the application does NOT use Standard Windows Classes. UFT uses Class Name to find the type of Object. Sometimes, the object is expected to behave like a button or Combo Box etc.

When we try to add such kind of button, it might recognize as Winobject.

Hence we can map that WinObject to behave like "CheckBox" Object type by Navigating to Tools -> Object Identification, and select Environment as "Standard Windows" and click "User Defined" button. 

**Please Note this option won't work against any other environment.

Object Repository - User Defined

In the below example, an object of a specific class is made to recognize as an object of Type "button". 
Hence this object inherits all properties of a button and we can use the objects that are supported by button.

Object Repository - User Defined

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