UFT Object Spy

Object Spy:

Object Spy is a utility/option within QTP to add objects to the Object Repository. Object Spy can be accessed from the tool bar as shown below:

Tool bar

1. Upon Clicking on the Object Spy icon, the Object Spy Dialog box opens. The Objects can be added to the repository upon clicking the pointing hand.

Object Spy Window

2. After Spying the object, the object hierarchy will be shown. Let us say, we are syping the "Numbers" link at "http://easycalculation.com/". The Object properties will be as shown below.

Object Spy Window

3. After Spying an object, we can click on "Highlight" option to highlight the object in the application.
4. For adding the object into the Object Repository, one should click on "Add objects" button in the Object spy dialog.
5. The properties and its values are displayed for the selected object in the dialog box which should be Unique for QTP to recognize the objects while the script executes.
6. The supported operations on the object can be retrieved by clicking on the operation tab. Operations such as "click" for a button, "Set" for a text box are retrieved from the "operations" tab as shown below:

Supported Operations

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