Black Box Testing Techniques

1) User Interface Testing
2) Functional Testing
3) Non Functional Testing
4) User support Testing

User Interface Testing:

During this testing test engineers validates user interface of the application as following aspects:
1) Look & Feel
2) Easy to use
3) Navigations & shortcut keys

Functional Testing:

1) Object properties coverage
2) Input domain Testing
3) Database testing/Backend coverage
4) Error Handling
5) Calculations/Manipulations coverage
6) Links Existence & Links Execution
7) Cookies & Sessions

Non Functional Testing:

1) Performance Testing
2) Security Testing
3) Authentication
4) Access Control
5) Recovery Testing
6) Compatibility Testing
7) Configuration Testing
8) Installation Testing
9) Sanitation Testing

User Support testig:
During this testing test engineers validates whether the application provides help or not.
This is also called as context sensitive help.

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